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This help enables you in orientation and use of our pages. Besides company information (About United Media s.r.o.) you will find information on our products (Products) on these pages. A registration into our database is possible on home site
(Registration). And finally a main option for viewing our database (On-line database).

Re: Registration

Fill in the form after you have selected "Registration" option and send it if you want to be registered in our database. After sending an information on submitting your order will be displayed. If no e-mail or no advertisement are sent by post by which would you like
to present your company followed by payment to our account, no data of yours will be registered. In such case these data will be used as a record for the Book of visits. Contact us and we shall let you know an up-to-date offers and prices.
E-mail: sales@UnitedMedia.cz

Re: On-line database

After you have selected "On-line database" you may select a continent you are interesting in by click on a map. Then the list box of countries of selected continent is displayed and here you can select a country you are interesting in. Then press SELECT and your order is executed. A standard set displays you 5 records. The setting may be changed by field in the end of a statement followed by RESIZE. PGDN enables to get you one following page down, PGUP enables to get you one previous page up, LAST navigates you on the last
page and FIRST to the first one.

More, FILTER command which enables you to limit your selection in accordance with your conditions, is displayed. The filter is cancelled by NO FILTER! located in the end of the statement or repeated sending of the empty filter.

If WWW page or e-mail address is located in the records, by clicking the data you may view web page or send e-mail to given subject.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions for improvement and appreciation, please write to Webmaster!


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